1. 9CFC48A5-9EDE-482D-ACA0-288F5C63FE0EThere’s not much more than a week to go to be able to opt out and prevent the creation of your electronic health record.
  • Many of my patients have wanted to know my opinion on whether they should opt out.

I have written about this for Q News and you can read my thoughts at https://www.qnews.com.au/askdocq-brisbane-doctor-fiona-bisshop-gives-her-verdict-on-my-health-record/

I believe the platform as it currently stands may not be secure, and is vulnerable to legislative change regarding who can gain access.

As I have previously written, it is ultimately your choice, but if you are concerned about privacy and security of your records (which really we all should be) then you have the option to opt out.

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